I am currently a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Chisholm Laboratory at MIT. I recieved my Ph.D from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UCSD, and I completed my undergraduate degree in Chemistry at Earlham College.

Much of my Ph.D. thesis examined how and why bacteria of the marine Roseobacter lineage utilize exogenous heme and hemoproteins as nutritional iron sources. The impetus behind this work was to gain a better understanding of the role that heme uptake plays in the overall turnover of iron in the ocean and how marine microbes shape the iron cycle by means of remineralization processes. For my postdoctoral research I am using Prochlorococcus as a model system in order to better understand how this abundant and incredibly important organism influences and is influenced by marine trace metal distributions. These projects should provide us with a clearer window into how Prochlorococcus interacts with trace metals and the intersections between trace metal cycles and the marine carbon cycle.

In the lab I culture and experiment with Prochlorococcus bacteria using techniques such as flow cytometry, quantitative PCR, and microscopy.

When I am doing bioinformatics I write code in python, R, and bash.

When I am not doing science I sometimes DJ and play tunes on the radio.

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